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Free Shipping | Call/Text: 931-214-0703

Rich Solar 50 Amp DC to DC Lithium Battery Alternator Charger with MPPT

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The Rich Solar 50 Amp DC to DC Lithium Battery Alternator Charger with MPPT is a reliable charging device crafted for the specific purpose of charging lithium batteries from a vehicle's alternator. Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, this charger maximizes charging efficiency, ensuring optimal power transfer from the alternator to the battery, empowering you to confidently embrace off-grid living.


  • Versatile connectivity: Capable of connecting to both PV and alternator sources
  • Dual battery charging: Supports charging for both leisure and starter batteries
  • High-efficiency MPPT: Delivers up to 99.9% efficiency for enhanced charging performance
  • TTL communication support: Facilitates seamless communication with compatible devices

Product Specifications


Max. Voltage of Open Circuit: 55Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range: 17-36Vdc
Max PV Input Current: 45A
Max PV Input Power: 800W

BATTERY TYPE - Li-ion / Lead Acid / User Defined

Rated Battery Voltage: 12Vdc
Battery Voltage Range: 9-17Vdc
Max MPPT Charging Current: 50A
Max Alternator Charging Current: 60A
MPPT Charging Mode: Buck


Rated Battery Voltage: 12Vdc
Max MPPT Charging Voltage: 13.8V
Max MPPT Charging Current: ≤25A
Max Alternator Input Voltage (Conventional): 13.2-16Vdc
Max Alternator Input Voltage (Euro 6 Standard): 12-16Vdc
Alternator Charging Mode: Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost


MPPT Tracking Efficiency: >99%
Max Charging Conversion Efficiency: 98%


Embedded Interfaces: TTL, Remove Switch


Weight: 4.7 lbs
Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.9 x 3.2 inches
Protection Degree: IP32
Operating Temperature Range: -35°C~65°C(-31℉~149℉)


Safely: IEC62109
EMS: IEC61000, FCC sDoC
Rohs: YES
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